Why Tugdock Will Float Your Boat

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Solis Marine Engineering helps design the world’s first ever road transportable floating dry dock


Tugdock is “the world’s first road transportable floating dry dock”.

Tugdock is a patented modular floating dry dock with a difference. It is less cost to buy, less cost to operate and is far simpler to use than any present drydock system.

Deck dimensions can be increased or decreased to suit the size and shape of the vessel or floating structure to be lifted. Transportable as shipping containers for cost effect global delivery.

Solis Marine Engineering supported Tugdock with the development of its modular drydock which was successfully demonstrated in November 2019 in Falmouth where the company is based.

This involved stability calculations and design support, where hydrostatics were performed using the stability software GHS and docking simulation in OrcaFlex. This covered each stage of the operation with a range of possible loading scenarios.

Solis Marine Engineering looks forward to supporting Tugdock with their naval architecture requirements throughout 2020.

Why Tugdock Will Float Your Boat
Why Tugdock Will Float Your Boat
Why Tugdock Will Float Your Boat

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