WEBINAR: Maritime London and Nautilus International in Conversation with Solis Marine

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WEBINAR: Maritime London and Nautilus International in Conversation with Solis Marine

Wednesday, July 13th 2022 at 2.30pm

If you’re an ex-seafarer looking for the next step in your career, or currently working at sea but thinking of coming ashore, why not join us for a 30 minute conversation (live or watch a recording later) hosted by Maritime London and Nautilus. In this webinar, Solis Marine’s Captain Richard Meikle will talk about his transition from sea to city and answer questions from the audience.

Read Richard’s introduction to the programme:

Sea to City

The Sea to City project from Nautilus International and Maritime London is a networking and mentoring scheme that aims to encourage seafarers looking to move ashore to consider maritime services positions in London. The maritime professional services sector has a constant requirement for seafaring skills; however, many seafarers are unaware of the career choices that exist ashore, how to access them and which sectors they would be best suited to.

It is also important that a strategic move ashore to a suitable – rather than the ideal – role may well be the most effective route to starting a successful career ashore in London, or elsewhere. My own career since being at sea has been varied and has involved working both in and out of London, but always close enough to get back there if needed.

The transition from working at sea to being ashore can be both daunting and intimidating, and seafarers can end up searching to find the right fit which, if it does not work out first time, can often result in a return to sea or a move out of the maritime industry altogether.

The elephant in the room is the starting salaries ashore when considered along with the cost of living in London or within commuting distance. This is a significant aspect which may well require as much planning as the intended career choice.

My mentee is still employed with a shipping company and in the process of finding the right fit for their skills and experience. Their ability to approach each interview with the view that this is not a “must have” opportunity, but a chance to discover more about the shoreside aspect of the industry takes away any perception of failure, and ensures they will take the right job, not the first job.

The mentor / mentee process is informal and is best, in my view, carried out over a coffee or a beer, where the career objectives of the mentee can be discussed and the realities of certain jobs, organisations, companies can be openly discussed. Trying to talk through where someone’s personality and views would best fit into a new environment is the key.

There are very few who would want to launch straight from a full-time seagoing role straight into one of the big London law firms. They might, but the risk of failure will also be high. It is also possible that it may take two or three career moves to get to the position originally envisaged, but the voyage will be underway.

You can sign up to the Maritime London webinar on July 13th here:

Sea to City webinar series: in conversation with Solis (webinarjam.com)

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