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Open to anyone of sound mind and character

PEOPLE WANTED for hazardous journey, no wages, fee to pay, bitter cold, two months of constant day light, exercise and danger, in a region with a rapidly changing environment. Safe return not guaranteed. Honour and recognition in event of success a possibility. Apply here: www.nwpexpedition.com

Ernest Shackleton’s mythical job advert

Legend has it that the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton reportedly placed a newspaper advert in the London Times to try to recruit men for his Endurance expedition.

The origins of the infamous advert are obscure, and there is no evidence that the world’s most famous job advert ever actually appeared. However people love the story the classified ad tells about the bravery of Shackleton’s adventurers.

More than 100 years later, the team planning next year’s Northwest Passage Expedition Team have emulated the spirit of Shackleton with an advert for the toughest – unpaid – job in the world.

The world record-holding ocean rowers are searching for two more unique individuals to join their challenge – a 3,700 kilometre Arctic row between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in 2022.


The Northwest Passage Expedition, also referred to as the Last Great First, will see a crew of 16 attempt a three-month rowing expedition along the entire north coast of Canada and Alaska.

With more than 500 years of exploration history and international significance, the Northwest Passage route has been navigated and explored by some of history’s most famous explorers – including Captain James Cook and Sir John Franklin.

Extreme weather conditions and the Arctic pack ice have rendered the route inaccessible for centuries. However, due to major changes in the ice pack caused by climate change, the route is now accessible for an attempted expedition.

The expedition will support several institutions in their fight against climate change, working with New York University and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup to record data along the 3,700km route, to provide a better understanding of water quality, temperature, as well the health of region’s wildlife.

In June 2022, five-time Guinness World Record holder Leven Brown will lead the expedition with a crew consists of ocean rowers, ex-military personnel, athletes, and adventurers from all corners of the world including the UK, USA, Barbados, South Arica and Hong Kong.

The crew will travel in two Ice Class Expedition boats, each carrying navigation and communications equipment alongside 100 days’ worth of food and drink. The expedition is also set to be a documentary, with several film companies interested in recording the expedition.

With less than a year until the start of the row, the opportunity of a lifetime has arisen for an adventurous spirit to join the history-making expedition. Open to anyone of sound mind and character, expedition leader Leven Brown shared an insight on what’s needed to succeed on an expedition as tough as Northwest Passage:

“This rowing expedition is like no other. It is only possible because of the changing climate and retreating ice giving us the opportunity to traverse the route in the arctic’s brief summer. The unsupported trip is likely to take three months and among the many dangers will be polar bears, rocks, and ice. We’ll have fierce storms, causing wind speeds of up to 70mph, and waves of 60ft. Despite the expedition taking place in summer, air temperatures will dip as low as -10C and the duration of human survival in the water will be less than 20 minutes.

“This expedition is not for the faint hearted but for the those who want to test themselves to the extreme, both mentally and physically, in one of the world’s most iconic and harshest environment. The most important criteria for those looking to join the expedition is the right attitude, a capability to deal everything this extreme endurance challenge and mother nature can throw at them.”

Additional information about the expedition and opportunity to join the crew can be found at www.nwpexpedition.com


If you want to break records, this is the team to do it with:

Leven Brown has held five Guinness world ocean rowing records. He has rowed in the North and South Atlantic, as well as Indian Ocean, his first row being a solo crossing of the South Atlantic taking 123 days covering 4,278 miles.

Tim Crocket, former SBS, completed a solo crow of the Atlantic in 2018. Since leaving the Navy he has supported film crews across the world, including up the Amazon.

Phil Kite, Claire Hughes and Al Huntly are part of a crew who hold the Guinness world record for the fastest Atlantic crossing by a mixed four. Claire is a keen traveller and outdoor enthusiast, previously having driven 3,500km across India in a tuk-tuk. Al is a motorcyclist having ridden extensively around Australia and Europe and also flies hang gliders and microlights. The Atlantic crossing was Phil’s first foray into the world of adventurers and explorers, previously having played rugby and become a river rower.

Jack Hopkins rowed the Atlantic in 2018 in a crew of four. Previously they broke the concept 2 world record for distance as part of a small mixed team.

Philip Als rowed the Atlantic in 2003 in a pair, previously being a professional wind surfer.

Mark Agnew, son of an explorer, has been an adventurer this he was seven-years-old. He has attempted to cross the Atlantic twice. Adventure plays a big part in his life, having been the sports editor for the South China Morning Post for many years.

Davie Flett is a member of the Orkney RNLI and rowed a traditional Ness Yoal from to Shetland to the Faroes. He is a two time Orkney Ba‘ champion.

Kenneth Valles is a mountain climber and has led expeditions on six continents, summitting peaks in the Andes and Himalayas


Daniel Lobjoit, an adventurer from an early age, was part of a team of four that attempted to cross the Okavango Delta by foot. He has sailed, climbed and skydived.

Daniel Kritzinger, a former rugby player, is now an outdoor enthusiast who kayaks, climbs, and cycles.

Phil Norton has a taste for adventure, taking part in hiking, running and long-distance swimming events.

Evan Beachler is ex US Army, is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys hiking for days in his native Ohio.

Solis Marine is a proud supporter of the Northwest Passage Expedition.

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