AIS & VDR Analyst
  • University of Southampton, Master of Engineering Ship Science 2017
  • Associate Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects 2018


Riccardo is a naval architect providing consultancy services for shipping casualties and incident investigations. This includes the use of the GHS software package to support salvage operations providing hydrostatic analysis of stability, strength, ground reactions and refloat procedures.

He also carries out various calculations and CAD work to support Solis Marine’s master mariners for their expert reports and incident investigations, specifically working on cargo stowage and stability calculations, and 2D plotting and 3D modelling using AutoCad, Rhino and Bongo for visual representation in legal investigations (collisions, berth damage etc) and salvage and wreck removal cases.

In addition to his naval architect work, Riccardo is helping to develop Solis Marine’s expertise in AIS and VDR analysis for incident investigation. He works closely with clients to provide Solis Marine’s Rapid Replay vessel movement reconstruction service, with the aim to provide an immediate overview of marine casualties to all interested parties.

Riccardo also has a strong background in sailing as a keen yacht sailor and Italian recognised sailing instructor, and is using this to help develop Solis Marine’s expertise for casualties or investigations that involve smaller vessels or leisure yachts.


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