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Operational Update from Solis Marine Partners

As circumstances continue to change around the world and not least for the whole of the maritime industry, we want to update you on how we are responding to the current and new challenges of coronavirus (Covid-19) in 2021 and how Solis Marine can continue to provide the best possible service at this difficult time.

We continue to follow the latest health authority and government advice in all the territories where we operate and review our contingency plans daily to ensure our experts and teams are fully supporting our clients as expected.

For the safety of our staff and clients, our people are now working from home, but other than that, it is business as usual. Details of regional availability can be found below.

We have taken extra measures to safeguard and maintain our level of services and have the same dedicated teams in place in the UK, Europe and Asia available to handle your calls and cases.

In recent weeks, our experts have travelled in person to provide support to incidents, investigations and salvage operations most recently in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Gibraltar and Japan amongst others, while adhering to required operational restrictions both onshore and offshore.

Ros Blazejczyk & John Simpson


We have mariners, naval architects and engineers based at home in all parts of the UK including London, the South East, South West, North East and East of England, Scotland and the North West of Wales.
In Europe, our Rotterdam base is managed by our Fire and Chemicals specialist Sander Loef and remains fully operational as normal.

For the UK and Europe please contact Captain Richard Meikle.

For Fire and Chemicals and Rotterdam please contact Sander Loef.


We continue to cover the PSA terminals, anchorages and shipyards in Singapore and remain fully compliant with all the regulations and requirements enforced by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

We are complaint with MPA’s Port Marine Circular 04 of 2021 with regards to the requirements for shore-based personnel boarding vessels at anchorages, shipyards and terminals in the Port of Singapore. This includes having our employees registered under the weekly Rostered Routine Testing for Covid-19 PCR Test.

Even though there are Reciprocal Green Lines between Singapore and a number of countries, the 14-day quarantine period for all travellers returning to Singapore still applies.

For all enquiries, please contact Captain Ken Ellam.


With regards to travel in China, we are now able to travel freely throughout the coastal regions although each port terminal in each province has its own requirements for entry.

From the standard immigration boarding pass and green health code app to pre-attendance Covid-19 testing and medical suit and protective clothing requirements, we are equipped to meet all of these requirements.

Unfortunately, there are still some terminals that refuse entry to all but the most urgent of attendances, usually container terminals with foreign container vessels arriving from other countries within 14-days of the previous country’s departure.
In effect, we are now operating at near normal with all our services available within China. However, China still maintains a strict policy should isolated cases of Covid-19 be detected and will lockdown township districts almost immediately if cases are found.

We still have agreements in place with surveyors within Indonesia, who can cover the main Indonesian ports for all our normal survey work. This is dependent on travel limitations within Indonesia and we can advise on a case-by-case basis.

For all enquiries, please contact Captain Roland Orange.


We have two Marine Engineers, Karl Walker and Lars Modin, located in Cape Town providing cover to ports in South Africa and Namibia.

For all enquiries, please contact Captain Ken Ellam.

Our 24 hour emergency contact numbers can be found on the home page of our website.

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