Solis Marine Consultants Alliance Network

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Solis Marine Consultants Alliance Network

To support the further growth of the Solis Marine Group, and for the ultimate benefit of our clients, we have created the Solis Marine Alliance Network. Our intention is to bring together within the network complementary businesses who share our exacting standards in respect to providing clients with the highest levels of professional service.

We are delighted to announce that the first “partner” to join the network is Myrcator Marine & Cargo Solutions FZE, and we shall be announcing other members shortly.

The aim of the network is to enable Solis Marine to offer a wider range of services to our clients by having available to the Solis Marine Group trusted partners who can provide areas of expertise that we may not currently carry.

As we progress with the Network we shall not only be teaming up with organisations offering traditional marine consultancy and surveying skills but also with one or two who offer expertise that you may not normally associate with a typical marine and offshore consultancy.

This will potentially give clients the benefit of being able to contract with a single entity for a broader range of services, or alternatively it may simply allow Solis Marine to introduce clients to a network partner with whom they can contract directly, knowing that they have been recommended by us.

A further key benefit is to give the Solis Marine Group wider global coverage and additional local support to our consultants working in the field as and where required. We currently have staff operating out of permanent offices in London, Falmouth, Rotterdam, Singapore, Shanghai and Qingdao, with an existing network of freelance staff based in other locations worldwide.

The Alliance will enhance the quality of our global reach by providing Solis Marine with a more dedicated ongoing local presence in the form of an established local company rather than simply support linked to a single case.

Our partners within the Alliance Network will remain fully independent corporate entities, separate from Solis Marine in terms of ownership. However, going forward we will be looking at opportunities to undertake joint presentations to clients and to host, when current restrictions allow, joint seminars to showcase the broader range of services available within the Network. Within these presentations we will be able to address a wider range of technical subjects on behalf of clients by calling on the full extent of expertise within the Network.

The launch of the Solis Marine Alliance Network represents an exciting next chapter in the ongoing development of the Solis Marine Group and we look forward to announcing other members in the very near future.

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