Solis Marine Consultants 2021 Webinar Programme

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Solis Marine is hosting a new series of webinars which cover different areas of our marine consultancy expertise. Hosted by our team of naval architects, master mariners and marine engineers, the 2021 programme features the following sessions:

Container Loss and Container Ship Fires

This webinar is a discussion of the primary causes of container loss in bad weather, sources of information for investigations and the assessment of parametric rolling, followed by some practical considerations when fighting container ship fires.

Wash Damage Investigations

A case study to discuss all aspects of this type of claim from berth damage and quantum considerations to navigation aspects, data led reconstructions and numerical analysis (CFD) for vessel and mooring interactions.

Tugs and Towage

Looking at the towage of vessels, barges and other floating objects, this webinar looks at the issues that may be encountered, including tug suitability and power, preparation of the tug and tow, stability, routing and weather.

Cargo Issues in China

This webinar focusses on the common issues often encountered in China with the loading and securing of general cargo, heavy lifts and particularly steel products (coils, pipes, plate) as well as project equipment for renewable and oil and gas projects. We discuss how problems can be anticipated and dealt with locally to mitigate for the possibility of damage and delays to schedules.

Autonomous Shipping

This session looks at the data challenges for operators of autonomous vessels drawing on findings from Solis Marine’s recent MARLab data study conducted on behalf of the MCA.

Consequences of Poor Navigation Practices

A look at some of the consequences of poor navigation practices observed on board modern sea going vessels which will open a group discusssion. With the rapid advancement of technology, bridge and navigation systems on board ships have evolved and require the modern-day navigation to have an in-depth working knowledge of complex integrated electronic navigation.

Marine Renewables

An introduction in this webinar from Solis Marine Engineering to the developing sectors of tidal, wave and floating offshore wind. A review of the current state of the market, emerging technologies and operational challenges.

The Utilisation of Data When Assessing Marine Casualties

This session explains how the use of data can provide rapid, unbiased modelling of incidents which are the subject of marine claims to challenge and interrogate statements and other imprecise evidence, using Solis Marine’s Rapid Replay platform to demonstrate different scenarios using digital reconstructions.

Other talking points will consider the availability and limitations of data in the marine environment; the further use of data beyond AIS to enhance and develop claims resolutions; and P&I and Admiralty law perspectives.

Each session is delivered within a flexible 45-minute time period and includes a Q&A.

If there is particular subject outside of the programme that would be of interest, then please get in touch.

To register your interest or to book a seminar date please contact Ros Blazejczyk, email

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