Sea to City: Making that big move to working ashore

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Sea to City: Making that big move to working ashore

Industry mentors like Solis Marine’s Captain Richard Meikle are helping people make the transition from sea to shoreside careers. In a webinar hosted by Maritime London, Richard talks about the challenges and considerations for seafarers looking to make the big move.

Richard spent 19 years at sea before deciding to move ashore. In this session he talks about his personal progression from cadetship to master mariner in the cruise industry, career choices versus the opportunities available and the plans he made to move ashore.

To prepare for a move from sea to shore, Richard recommends:

  • Having a plan in place because changing jobs to shoreside often comes with financial ramifications
  • Think about the logistical changes for yourself and your family
  • Build a financial safety net to give you that time to transition across
  • Get involved with industry organisations and schemes to access information and help. This can be invaluable in getting an insight into working ashore.

You can watch the webinar here:

Sea to City is a support programme for seafarers run in conjunction with Nautilus International. For more information visit,in%20order%20to%20remain%20effective.

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