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Since its introduction in 2013 Solis Marine’s RAPID REPLAY service has provided critical support in more than a hundred cases giving shipowners, insurers, marine lawyers and correspondents clear and unbiased reconstructions of shipping incidents.

Solis Marine is pleased to introduce our new online RAPID REPLAY platform that puts the analysis right in the hands of the user.

Our custom-built online platform, developed in collaboration with industry leading AIS service provider MariTrace©, gives the user complete control over the reconstruction clarifying events in the immediate aftermath of an incident, or providing in-depth analysis during complex ongoing incident investigations.

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    Rapid Replay Features

    Solis Marine’s RAPID REPLAY service uses recorded marine navigation data to provide a fast turnaround analysis and reconstruction of vessel movements. Data can be sourced from the world’s best AIS networks or from the ship’s VDR to show the movements through 2D and 3D animations and chart plots.

    • Full playback control
    • Real-time navigation data for all ships
    • Charts provided by world-leading navigation system provider Transas©
    • On screen analysis including range and bearing tools
    • Fast, secure sharing with all parties involved
    • Multiple level security to protect sensitive information
    • Fast turnaround – we aim to have the analysis with you within 24 hours
    • Supported by Solis Marine’s expert consultant services

    Rapid Replay Applications

    • Incident investigations including:
    • Vessel collisions
    • Fixed object damage
    • Wash damage
    • Reef damage
    • Unsafe ports
    • Berthing studies
    • Cable and pipeline damage
    • Loss prevention navigation assessments
    • Vessel traffic analysis
    • Route analysis for piracy and sanction issues
    • Training and passage planning
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