MASS Adoption: New Avenues Explored For Trial UK Data Portal

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MASS Adoption: New Avenues Explored For Trial UK Data Portal

Having submitted our final MARLab report to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, we are pleased to share some of the positive feedback we have received.

The UK wide MASS consultation, the creation of the minimum viable product (MPV) data hub and the use of sample data by industry stakeholders, all documented in our final reports, has provided the MCA with invaluable evidence of industry views, bringing the MCA much closer to industry than they could have achieved alone.

By having this knowledge, the MCA is now able to move forward in support of the industry, and our research study will continue to be used to feed into regulatory developments and support in technology implementations.


MARLab sample data map, Portland Harbour

Because our consultation has shown how invaluable a resource the data hub is, the MCA continues to hold discussions across the MCA and with Government departments across Whitehall to explore what might be possible going forward for a data led resource for the UK MASS industry based on the need we have demonstrated.

In the meantime, Solis Marine, and our partners at MariTrace, are exploring different funding avenues to see how we might operate a MASS datahub in Portland and other key locations and territories where we have established an obvious need.

We would like to thank all stakeholders once again for taking an active part in our consultation. Once we have a clearer picture of the possibilities we would like to get back in touch, and we would be delighted to hear your thoughts on what the way ahead might be.

For further information please contact Ros Blazejczyk, emailĀ


Members of the MARLab project teams at the NOC in Southampton

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