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On Wednesday, 1st May Solis Marine Consultants, in partnership with Reed Smith LLP is hosting a half-day event on marine data technologies and the practical applications for claims and loss prevention.

In recent years the use of marine data for incident investigation has become routine but approaches used in response to claims can also assist with loss prevention. The purpose of this seminar is to discuss the types of available data and highlight some recent developments in the use of marine data across the legal and insurance industry.

This event programme is as follows:

1.45  – 2.00 Registration
2.00 – 3.00 Welcome & Introduction
John Simpson, Senior Partner, Solis Marine Consultants
Richard Gunn, Partner, Reed Smith
Marine Data in Incident Investigation
Presentation: Duncan Campbell, Solis Marine Consultants, Singapore
Use of AIS data for incident investigation: claims, vessels and locations.
Brief case studies e.g. wash damage, collision, sanctions investigations.
Panel Discussion and Q&A
Increasing use of AIS data from small claims through to litigation. Is the use of this data now a matter of course for all cases? How open are Courts / Tribunals to using this data and how has this developed in recent years?
Richard Gunn, Reed Smith
Paul Amos, The London P&I Club
Mike Harrison, Solis Marine Consultants
Duncan Campbell, Solis Marine Consultants, Singapore
Moderator: Richard Meikle, Solis Marine Consultants
3.15 – 4.15 Big Data – Vessel traffic data use at a macro level
Presentation: Mark Williams, Shipping Strategy Ltd
Use of vessel tracking data on a macro level: traffic analysis, risk analysis, worldwide trends and economic indicators.
Panel Discussion and Q&A
How could underwriters use vessel tracking data for risk analysis and what are the current challenges involved with this? How can vessel traffic analysis be used on a macro level for economic modelling?
Mark Williams, Shipping Strategy Ltd
Philip Thomas, Reed Smith
Thomas Owen, MariTrace
Nick Taylor, Standard Club
Moderator: Nigel Clark, Solis Marine Consultants
4.30 – 5.30 Marine Data and Autonomous Vessels
Presentation: Simon Hindley, Solis Marine Engineering Ltd
Review of current status of autonomous vessel industry in the UK and how the use of vessel tracking data can help innovation in the autonomous vessel sector.
Panel Discussion and Q&A
How can autonomous vessels ‘learn’ correct navigation? How will the role of the Master change? What are some of the regulatory / legal issues associated with operating these vessels remotely? How are insurance providers adapting their products for this sector accordingly?
Dan Hook, L3 ASV Ltd
Richard Meikle, Solis Marine Consultants
Britt Pickering, Shipowners P&I Club
Marcus Dodds, Reed Smith
Moderator: John Simpson, Solis Marine Consultants
From 5:30 Drinks Reception

Location:   Reed Smith LLP, The Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2RS, United Kingdom

Maritime London:

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