Fishing Vessel Services

Incident Investigation

Solis Marine has master mariners with extensive experience investigating fishing vessel incidents around the UK and worldwide. They are supported by experienced naval architects to conduct stability and safety assessments where required to ascertain incident causes. Inclining tests and 3D scanning services are also available if pre-existing stability information is limited.

Our Rapid Replay service for incident investigation provides cost-effective reconstructions of incidents such as collisions involving fishing vessels with a fast turnaround. AIS data is sourced in house and evaluated by data analysts with input from a master mariner providing expert opinion on apportionment of liability. Tables of raw and decoded data, online access to Rapid Replay platform and a brief expert opinion are all included in a single cost. Reconstructions can be provided within 24 hours depending on availability of data.

Loss Prevention

Stability assessments for fishing vessels can be provided at minimal cost following vessel modifications or to check on stability of existing condition. If changes to a vessel are significant then an inclining test is conducted to determine vessel stability and advise on suitable operating methods to maintain safety standards. 3D scanning of a vessel can be provided where no vessel plans or documentation is available and scan data can then be use to provide accurate vessel drawings for future use.

Safety assessments and risk assessments, following changes to fishing method or vessel modifications can also be provided.

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