Evidence. Friend or Foe: The Criticality of Evidence in Marine Investigations

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Event Invitation

Wednesday, March 30th from 12.30pm to 3.30pm

HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs, Victoria Embankment London W2CR 2PN

This seminar will discuss the criticality of evidence in marine investigations. The presentation will cover the challenges and opportunities which different scenarios can present from engineering, nautical and naval architecture perspectives. The nature and limitations of traditional evidential items, such as written records, will be discussed before the session moves on to more novel evidential items.


12.30pm             Arrive at HQS Wellington

1.00pm                Session begins

2.00pm                Drinks and lunch

3.30pm                Session ends


Pursuing evidence that is not immediately apparent, can – and has – affected the outcome of investigations to the benefit of our clients. Poor record keeping practices can adversely affect later investigations and falsified records, both electronic and written, are still encountered.

This presentation will examine evidence that we have used in, or lack of evidence that has hindered, our investigations and where evidence has been questioned or found lacking in those investigations. The three areas we will consider are:

  • Marine engineering – written, electronic and physical evidence.
  • Marine nautical – navigation data and physical evidence
  • Data specific – AIS / VDR


What You Will Learn 

  • A furthered understanding of the weaknesses of written records, including poor record keeping, false record keeping and inconsistencies between written records and other evidence sources.  The complications and ramifications from poor record keeping practices will also be discussed with a view on digital log books for the future.
  • Examples of control and monitoring systems and where relevant data may be found.
  • AIS and VDR data – where this has provided additional evidence.
  • GPS Units with GPS data, outboard engine data storage, further physical evidence (e.g. fishing pots left on the seabed / tracking ventilation systems on cargo ships) that has provided additional information which may not have been thought relevant.

To secure your place, please email solis@solis-marine.com with Evidence. Friend Or Foe in the subject line.

Health and Safety Requirements 

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms and are unable to attend please do let us know in advance via solis@solis-marine.com.

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