Computer Animation Of Shipping Incidents

The use of computer animation to simulate shipping incidents continues to become more important as a method of providing a quick and simple visual reproduction of actual events or alternative scenarios. Using VDR, ECDIS and witness statements Solis utilises the latest graphical software and automated processes to produce computer animations that are easy to follow, flexible and importantly, cost effective.

In 2013 Solis animations were used in a high profile criminal trial in Indonesia as well as in mediation and arbitration hearings in the UK.With VDR and ECDIS becoming critical to investigations, computer animation can be invaluable from initial case preparation through to final hearings.

Services - Computer Animations

Complexity can be tailored according to budget and examples of the application of these graphical representations are provided below:

  • Collisions
  • Jetty / berth allisions
  • VDR, ECDIS, AIS and VTIS data presentation
  • Salvage – illustration of salvage methods and ship condition
  • Wreck removal – demonstration of methodology and feasibility
  • Navigational issues and chart plotting
  • Internal arrangements and damage
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