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Welcome to the Summer 2021 edition of ALONGSIDE, Solis Marine Consultants’ regular Newsletter with views, news and updates from around the Solis Group.

We begin this edition with some exciting updates regarding our future activities in South-East Asia.

We open with news of our plans to expand our Group operations in South-East Asia, with our Managing Partner Ros Blazejczyk moving to our Singapore office to help drive growth in a region where we see continuing opportunities for both our core and our new services.

Staying in South-East Asia, Ken Ellam then throws a Spotlight on Singapore, with an overview of our proposed activities in the next few years. Ken is General Manager of our Singapore Office, and along with Ros and John Simpson is one of three SCRs we have within the Solis Group. Ros closes the focus on South-East Asia by reflecting on some of the highlights from the recent Singapore Maritime Week.

We then bring news that The Survey Association has become the latest company to join our Alliance network, giving Solis and our clients access to local capability in Scandinavia and additional expertise in the area of offshore renewables warranty surveying. This is followed by an informative article from guest contributor Mark Williams looking at the challenges as the shipping industry targets decarbonisation. Mark is Managing Director of Shipping Strategy, another member of our Alliance.

Syafiqah Binti Shafiq Lee, a naval architect and one of the team at Solis Marine Engineering, then tells us about her decision to follow a career in the marine industry and how she hopes to contribute through her work to making the world a greener place. We end this Newsletter with an update on the planned recovery of the VIOLA, the historic steam trawler currently sitting in South Georgia.

We hope you enjoy this edition of ALONGSIDE. Click here to read.

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