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Welcome to our November edition of ALONGSIDE, Solis Marine Consultant’s regular Newsletter with views, news and updates from around the Solis Group.

As what has been an extraordinary year for all of us draws to a close we begin this edition with an overview of some of the key issues and challenges that have impacted on the shipping industry and some of its principal stakeholders during 2020.

We then invite you to view our new video showcasing Solis Marine and our expanded range of expert consultancy services, which neatly leads on to an introduction to Captain Paul Walton, the latest addition to the Solis Marine team.

Next, Captain Richard Meikle highlights the support that Solis Marine can give to cruise operators as their ships that have been in lay-up due the Coronavirus pandemic start to come back into service. This is followed by a reminder of our free series of webinars together with details of how you can book a session.

We then have an article by Captain Paul Walton providing an expert’s view on cargo loss and cargo damage, which forms a significant part of Solis Marine’s work, including a discussion of the risks.

Earlier this year, we teamed up with Frazer-Nash Consultancy to carry out an independent review into the risk of pollution from shipping within UK waters and how the availability of emergency towage vessels could be used to mitigate the risk. We were also pleased to be asked by The Swedish Club to provide input to Container Focus, a Club publication, looking at common causes of container losses.

We end with the latest posting on our recruitment board and outline a current opportunity for a graduate naval architect to join the Solis Marine Group.

We do hope you enjoy this edition of ALONGSIDE and do feel free to get in touch with us on any of the topics or to book your webinar.

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