Rapid Replay

Rapid Replay uses recorded marine navigation data to provide a fast turnaround analysis and reconstruction of vessel movements prior to and following an incident. Data can be sourced from the world’s best AIS network or from the ship’s VDR to show the movements through 2D and 3D animations and chart plots. The data is simultaneously presented in scpredsheet tables for further analysis and to maintain transparency.

Solis Marine provides an extensive range of services and expertise for marine incidents including collisions, groundings, tugs and manoeuvring, unsafe ports and berths, cargo issues, passage planning, personal injury and damage to submarine pipelines. Speak with your local Solis Marine office for further details.


  • Vessel collision and incident investigations
  • Fixed object damage investigations
  • Causation analysis
  • Vessel traffic analysis
  • Training programmes


  • Converts AIS, VDR and other sources of navigation data into an accurate reconstruction of events in real time
  • Fast and economic turnaround of results
  • Beneficial for technical and commercial parties alike
  • Data can be analysed to provide information on collision timing and speed, proximity to other vessels and vessel movements
  • Interactive replays allow the user to zoom, pan and rotate the viewpoint, and to pause and rewind the animation
  • Videos of the animation from multiple viewing angles can also be produced
  • Movements of other vessels in surrounding area are shown
  • Chart backgrounds easily added
  • 2D chart plots can be quickly produced
  • Additional features such as port structures, navigation marks, lines and reference points can be shown to enhance realism and accuracy
  • Underlying source data is presented in spreadsheet form to ensure transparency throughout the process